Hello world!

October 1, 2007

Osama Bin Laden is ready to turn into a saint. His only wish is to become the King of the world. Make him the king and he will return the dear ones of people whom he & his followers have sent to just another world. He has full knowledge of that world be it hell or heaven. He knows who is wrong and who is right. He has been given full authority to decide the fate of people for his god. His god is not intelligent enough to decide nor has the power of judgment. How many among us knows of such a god? Dose any of the Holy Scriptures say that? If Osama has his teachings from the devil, you have wisdom from the Almighty. Seeks for that wisdom for your Almighty is mightier.  God forgives all who seek His forgiveness & are ready to forgive those who have sinned against them. Even Osama won’t be spared of it if he seeks for the same. But what of those who seek for the destruction of life and not the resurrection of the soul in new wisdom. Is the heart of Osama like that of a child not grown out of wild thoughts from the animal that is there in each one of us? Has not his heart grown more stubborn in the fear that he lives in? The fear that his god is not in control.  When we were child, someone told us to kill and we heard, someone told us to steal and we did, someone showed us that we are blacks & whites and we saw that, someone told us that money & material is happiness and we for long believed it, someone told us that the strong should rule the weak and we subdued the weak. That someone was at his hour of weakness and spoke for the devil at an hour when we ourselves we no greater strong. That someone is no greater a sinner than we ourselves are. We lost our ways because of our ignorance and our deafness to the words of our Lord.  The animal in us inspires us to bully our peers, it inspires us to not talk to our spouse & brethren, it inspires us to walk past the needy & snatch from them what they depend upon, it inspires us to fight upon trivial matters & curse each other, it inspires us to set boundaries and use weapons.  

We are humans and ultimately don’t like the animal limitations. We definitely have to unlearn what was taught by devil devised motivations. The animal in us need to be tamed to coexist and be an aid to us. If you think that’s impossible how then are the dogs trained to bring our newspaper for us?